The Four Hangings
Andrei Chirlesan

This article is a textual recap of a 1 hour workshop I held at my club, Iron Will HEMA Academy, in Bucharest, on the 24th of July 2018, with the occasion of Dario Alberto Magnani’s first visit to Romania and also to our training hall.

We decided to hold 2 workshops that night, 1 hour each, so that we could, together, compare how the German Liechtenauer tradition Longsword system and the Italian Fiore dei Liberi tradition Longsword system deal with the problem of controlling the "The Line".

And both of them, together were featured as the mind-bogglingly long yet scientific-y "Winning the line or making a new one: the Four Hangings and the step out of the way as solutions to the problem of gaining the line advantage while closing in safely".

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Defense With The Longsword
Andrei Chirlesan

I confess that for the first years after I started studying Longsword in the Liechtenauer tradition, I wasn’t much interested in defense. More like at all.

I had started reading the sources. Found there suggestions to “strike boldly, without fear” or similar and kept hearing others in the community saying that the German school is all about attacking, all the time, taking the initiative and keeping the other guy/gal so busy that he/she can’t think. (Which is true, by the way. But there are nuances!)

After many many many doubles and suicidal attacks, it began to dawn on me that perhaps I misunderstood and I was attacking recklessly, which isn’t all that martial or preferrable. And that maybe… just maybe, there might be something to this mysterious defense thing I vaguely remembered hearing being mentioned by more experienced fencers.

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